INVE ... Nourishing & Nurturing is our business

INVE, an innovative holding of Belgian origin, provides advanced solutions for animal rearing, in both agriculture and aquaculture.

What we strive for is not just to nourish but to really nurture cultured animals, in particular the young ones. Therefore we developed unique portfolios of high quality nutritional and health products, combined with a customized service.
The animals, however, are not our only concern: our ultimate goal is to help improve nutrition and health for people across the entire globe.

A relentless pursuit of innovation is the fuel, our advanced solutions the engine, and skilled, dedicated employees the drivers that push our company forward.

Our experience is global, our actions local, so that we fully understand just how much a customer’s needs and preferences can vary from one country to another. ‘Glocal’ management, it is the basis of our success.


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